Hendy’s is certified

SOFHTe CertificationSOFHTe certification proved to be the perfect fit for Hendy’s in Cornwall which as a fruit and vegetable wholesaler specialising in seasonal local produce, found other national accreditation schemes more tailored to food manufacturing sites.

Proprietor Darren Hendy says:

“On this site we deal mainly in fresh fruit and veg with some pre-prepared salads and dairy items so SOFHTe definitely had the right emphasis for our business. It has been a positive experience which has worked out well for us. Despite being relatively new, it is already becoming more widely recognised and has been accepted by those of our clients who have requested certification.”

Assisting with the certification process, Barrie Trevena of Kernow Enviro-Wise, an environmental health consultant, was charged with ensuring Hendy’s was up to standard for SOFHTe and the completion of the online questionnaire.

He commented:

“It was a straight-forward process, once the necessary paperwork was produced and any teething problems in the system were ironed out by a quick phone call. A real advantage to having SOFHTe Certification is that it avoids duplication ‘ticking all the boxes’ when undertaking a supplier audit, which can otherwise be quite a detailed and lengthy process.”