SOFHT Convenes Industry Experts for Pest Control Conference

Speakers from Killgerm, Pest West, Rokill, The British Pest Control Association (BPCA), White Welly Ltd and Waitrose will be headlining a unique one day conference organised by The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) on 2 July 2015.

The exhibition and conference, which is being held at the Yew Lodge Hotel in Derby, will provide delegates with the latest information on how food businesses can prepare for the upcoming changes in auditing standards and increasing pressures regarding pest control management. From food organisations and manufacturers to caterers and pest control operators, the event will provide an insight into the root causes of infestations, reducing contamination and how technology is evolving to fight back.

  • Professor Moray Anderson, from Kilgerm, will open proceedings with an account of why small flies should be on your agenda and how they can adversely affect bacterial counts.
  • Frederick Hurstel, from Pest West, will present on effective strategies for flying insect control, reducing contamination and what you can do to meet third part auditing standards.
  • Brian Duffin, from Rokill, explains why some sites suffer from repeat infestations and how to manage the problem with your pest control contractor.
  • Kevin Higgins, from BPCA, will be discussing the non-conformities that are seen within the industry against audited standards.
  • Jonathan Revell, from White Welly Ltd, reviews the need to demonstrate an ongoing preventative pest control programme as part of the changing requirements of the Global Standard for Food Safety – Issue 7.
  • William Watts, from Waitrose, is implementing a demanding specification for its suppliers and tells us what this leading retailer hopes to see when food manufacturers follow specification v3.

Conference fees are £145 for SOFHT members and £195 for non-members.

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