AFCO Announces the Acquisition of Thonhauser GMBH and Thonhauser USA

We are pleased to announce that AFCO has acquired Thonhauser GMBH and Thonhauser USA. Thonhauser GMBH will become a subsidiary of our Entity in Europe, AFCO C&S, LTD and Thonhauser USA will become a division of our US entity, Alex C. Fergusson, LLC.

AFCO, since 1855, has been a key player in the supply of chemical, water management, process, training, and equipment solutions to the Food, Dairy, Beverage, and Brewing Industries. We are a leading provider in North America and the acquisition of Thonhauser plays a critical role in delivering our strategy to expand our offering to the global market for Cleaning & Hygiene solutions.

Founded in 1978, Thonhauser has built a reputation for innovation in the design and development of products to the food and beverage hygiene industry. At the heart of their product portfolio is a focus on quality and cleaning verification, leading to a genuinely game-changing range of solutions that are of exceptional quality, safety and efficiency. The Thonhauser range of products currently has a presence in 25 countries.

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