TextilBerendsen_Plc_logoe management solutions company Berendsen has joined The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) as a Supporting Company Member.

Berendsen supplies garments for the food, catering, protective, care and industrial sectors with an emphasis on hygiene, comfort, durability and safety.

The company’s work wear range is fully compliant with current food hygiene regulations and practices, and includes coats, jackets, aprons, tabards, smocks, overalls and bakers’ shirts and hats.

Established by SOFHT in 2003, Supporting Company Membership was set up as part of a major drive to enlist the support of larger organisations within the food manufacturing, retailing and related industries.

The membership maximises the services provided to members, such as seminars and training events as well as helping to enhance SOFHT’s position as ‘the voice of food hygiene’. The role the Society does, and can play, in helping the development in food safety management across the industry has been acknowledged by these supporting companies.

Commenting on becoming a SOFHT Supporting Company Member, Sibtain Naqvi, UK Product Marketing Manager, Berendsen said:

“As a leading innovator within the food industry, Berendsen is committed to joining SOFHT as a supporting company member to further enhance our market position, share our thought leadership values and learn from the regular updates, trends and changes within the industry.

“As a committed supplier of garments to the food industry we have worked with many top tier food manufacturers who have appreciated our innovative garments that are in line with specific legislative requirements both domestic and international. We view our membership with SOFHT as a necessity and it will give us a platform where we can share our best practices to support the wider industry”

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