Pest Awareness E-learning

Pest management is a pre-requisite for ensuring food safety where food is manufactured, prepared, stored or sold. Everyone working in such environments has a critical part to play in a successful pest management programme.

The independent pest management consultancy Acheta has launched two levels of pest awareness e-learning, to allow everyone to successfully fulfil their role in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme. This will help ensure compliance with legislation and standards relating to pest management, and will enhance due diligence protection.

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Essential Pest Awareness

Designed particularly with food production, maintenance, warehousing and retail employees in mind, this entry level course has an anticipated completion time of around 60 minutes, and aims to impart the key facts concerning those pests that may present a threat in a food manufacturing or storage environment. The key topics are:

  • Why controlling pests is important
  • How they enter premises
  • What they need to survive and multiply
  • The basic principles of Integrated Pest Management
  • Rodent and insect pest facts, including spotting signs of their presence
  • The role of the individual in a successful IPM programme

Advanced Pest Awareness

Most food safety standards include a requirement for the person responsible for managing pest control to have received training related to this task. This course meets this need, and will also be of interest to those who audit pest control activities in their own, or suppliers, sites. The key objectives of this course are:

  • To appreciate and understand the reasons why pest management in a food handling environment is of critical importance
  • To review the principal rodent, insect and bird pests
  • To understand those aspects of their biology and behaviour that are critical to achieving successful control, and which can impact adversely on our ability to control them
  • To be introduced to the principles and practices of a successful IPM programme.

This is a comprehensive course, with an estimated completion time of 5-8 hours, and includes a comprehensive technical manual to download.

Both courses are assessed, and both issue a certificate automatically when a pass is achieved.

For more information contact John Simmons on 01934-853867,