The Society of Food Hygiene & Technology (SOFHT) has introduced two new modules to its successful e-learning training package.  Ideal for getting new staff members up to speed and workplace ready, SOFHT’s e-learning brings together the essentials of food safety and hygiene in eight ‘bite-sized’ courses covering the basic principles and practices of food hygiene and safety. 

New for 2017 are COSHH, which covers the importance of handling hazardous substances in the workplace and a module which offers a short introduction to the new ‘Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC’)’ that came into force in December 2014.

Just 30-45 minutes long, the COSHH course follows RSPH Level 2 Health & Safety in the Workplace and covers some of the typical chemical substances which could cause harm in the and how to identify the new warning labels. As well as learning about the meaning of a variety of warning signals, and the impact of substances in the body, students will also be taught how to use datasheets and understand REACH regulations.

The EU FIC module will look at allergic reactions to food including Anaphylaxis, what the law says and who it applies to as well as the types of food causing and allergic reaction or intolerance.

Forty-five minutes long, this course will give users tips and ideas on how to make sure that their establishment complies with the new regulations and that customers can make informed choices when selecting what food to safely eat.

Other modules available in an e-learning format to enable workers to learn in their spare time, include, among others, Food Allergens, Food Safety Interactive (available in English and Polish), The Essentials of Food Hygiene and HACCP.

Modules are priced from £20 for SOFHT members. For more information visit