Public Analyst Scientific Services Achieves UKAS Accreditation for Food Complaints

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Highly-skilled scientific advisors who seek to identify sources of physical food contamination for local authorities, retailers and food manufacturers have received accreditation for their work.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has accredited Public Analyst Scientific Services (PASS) to International Standard ISO 17025 for the investigation of foreign bodies found in food, including accreditation for expert opinion and interpretation.

Despite strict quality control in the manufacturing process, the presence of foreign objects in food regularly makes the headlines.

As one of the largest suppliers of public and agricultural analyst services, achieving this aspect of UKAS accreditation is in line with PASS’s commitment to its customers and its policy to maintain the highest standard of quality in all aspects of its work.

Liz Moran, Head of PASS, said: “Our public analysts are relied upon to provide sampling advice, analytical services and expert opinions to customers across the food industry, including manufacturers, retailers and enforcement bodies.

“To have achieved UKAS accreditation upholds our unstinting dedication to making the service we provide second to none and is a credit to the commitment and expertise of the team.”

PASS scientists provide impartial advice on compositional, additive, contaminant and labelling regulations relating to food, as well as imported food controls, food authenticity and new product development.

The company is part of the Eurofins Scientific and as such has global access to specialist centres of excellence with the highest level of accreditation, quality and resources, providing customers with access to state of the art analytical methods and consultancy advice.

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