Holchem Group Launches New Holistic Green Range

holistic-green-logoHolchem, the UK leader in hygiene technology solutions, have launched the ‘Holistic Green Range’, a selection of Concentrate and Ready to Use cleaning products that are Ecolabel accredited and designed for use in the hospitality sector.

Managing the sustainability of their products and business is massively important to Holchem and the company aims to lessen the overall effect on the environment by taking into account detergent use concentration, water consumption and chemical miles.

Products in the Holistic Green Range have:-

  • Low impact on aquatic life.
  • Reduced use of hazardous raw material substances.
  • Low packaging waste.
  • Efficient cost in use formulations
  • Cleaning performance that has been independently assessed against market leading non-Ecolabel products.

The range includes:

  • Washing Up Liquid Concentrate – Ecological Hand Dishwashing Liquid. Safe to use on all materials. One 2×5 litre pack of concentrate will provide over 1300 in use solutions in a typical 15 litre sink. The product is also available in a pack of 6×1 litre bottles.
  • All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate – Ecological All Purpose Cleaner. Suitable for cleaning all hard surfaces. One 2×5 litre pack of concentrate will provide 666 in use trigger bottle refills.
  • De-greaser Concentrate – Ecological Degreaser. Suitable for cleaning all hard surfaces and floors. Removes fats, oils, grease and difficult soiling. One 2×5 litre pack of concentrate will provide 666 in use trigger bottle refills.
  • Washroom cleaner Concentrate – Ecological Washroom Cleaner. Suitable for use on all washroom surfaces, including floors, urinals, toilet bowls and showers. One 2×5 litre pack of concentrate will provide 666 in use trigger bottle refills.
  • Toilet Cleaner RTU – Ecological daily use Toilet Cleaner. Ready to use product suitable for daily cleaning and freshening toilets and urinals.
  • Dispenser Pack – dispenser pack containing 2 x750ml trigger bottles and 1 x 15ml pelican pump. This pack is available for All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, Degreaser Concentrate and Washroom Cleaner Concentrate.

ecolabel-logoCommenting on the launch, Jim Taylour, Head of Products, Research and Development, said: “The launch of our Holistic Green Range is an important addition to our range of products and the Ecolabel accreditation is testament to our commitment to give our customers a product that is of the highest environmental and performance status. We constantly review the performance of our cleaning products, equipment and systems to ensure they are as safe as possible and present the lowest hazard to personnel and the environment.”

What is Ecolabel?

The European Ecolabel is a recognised accreditation awarded to products of the highest environmental and performance status. The Ecolabel encourages companies to become more sustainable and produce products that are of low environmental impact throughout their whole life-cycle. Every aspect from the raw materials used to manufacture the product, right through to disposal of the product, are monitored. Environmental impact is measured at each stage of the products life-cycle.

To be awarded with Ecolabel status, products must be put through rigorous testing and assessment to demonstrate that they are as effective as non eco-friendly products. Each product is assessed under numerous criteria and compiled into individual product dossiers. All results are evaluated and verified by an independent body.


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  • Holchem is a family business that started life in 1982
  • Today Holchem has a turnover of £35m and 188 members of staff headquartered from its 105,000 square feet of fully modernised facilities including a state of the art gym and staffroom for employees
  • Holchem started life from its founders home, Steve and Anne Bell in Holcombe Brook
  • Today the business is still true to its family roots with Steve and Anne’s son, Simon as managing director and daughter Sam as director.
  • Many of the members of staff at Holchem have been with the business since its inception