SOFHT Expands E-Learning with Pest Awareness Training

The Society of Food Hygiene & Technology (SOFHT) has added two new modules to its successful e-learning training platform.

The latest modules focus on pest control with on-line training in Essential Pest Awareness and Advanced Pest Awareness, delivered in partnership with specialist pest management consultancy, Acheta.

Delivering expert, up-to-date training that can take place around work commitments, SOFHT’s e-learning brings together the essentials of food safety and hygiene in 10 ‘bite-sized’ courses.

Just an hour long, Essential Pest Awareness is an entry level course designed specifically for employees working in food production, maintenance, warehousing and retail. This short-course will cover the key points of pest control and prepare students for how pests enter premises, survive and multiply, how to spot their presence, as well as the basics of Integrated Pest Management

Advanced Pest Awareness is a more in-depth course to be completed in 6-8 hours. Vital for anyone who manages or audits pest control, this course will teach students the critical importance of pest control in a food handling environment, provide in-depth information on the biology and behaviour of pests so students know what to expect and how best to control them. The principles and practices of a successful Integrated Pest Management programme will also be covered.

Other modules available from SOFHT’s e-learning platform which enables workers to learn at a time and place convenient to them include Food Allergens, Food Safety Interactive, COSHH and HACCP Awareness course, among others.

The Essential Pest Awareness course is priced from £25 for SOFHT members, whilst the Advanced Pest Awareness course starts at £100. For more information visit .


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