NTAssureSupport from major names in the food industry continues to grow for the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) as food safety and compliance company NT Assure joined as a Supporting Company Member (SCM)

NT Assure provides special technical services including innovative due diligence software applicable to many different sectors of the food industry, from high street retail brands to food service operators.

As well as skilled, specialist food category technologists to advise on all aspects of food safety, quality and legality, NT Assure offers a number of tailored online apps to enable the food industry to manage and improve the safety, quality and legality of their food product against an ever-changing regulatory landscape. The company launched its next generation ‘Smart Supplier Retail’ PLM app with its first major retail customer in the summer and believes that this solution will make a significant contribution to the retail sector in the coming years.

Supporting Company Membership was set up by SOFHT in 2003 as part of a major drive to enlist the support of larger organisations within the food manufacturing, retailing and related industries.

Joining as a Supporting Company maximises the services provided to members, such as seminars and training events as well as helping to enhance SOFHT’s position as ‘the voice of food hygiene’. The role the Society does, and can play, in helping the development in food safety management across the industry has been acknowledged by these supporting companies.

Commenting on becoming a SOFHT Supporting Company Member, Tim Betts, Managing Director at NT Assure said:

“We are extremely excited to become a new SCM and to contribute to the society. We believe that SOFHT offers a great way to network with our peers, keep up to date with our sector and to provide excellent training for our growing team of food technologists. Providing opportunities for our team to further develop their skills, to grow and recognise their success is fundamental to our business and we believe that our membership to SOFHT will make a significant contribution to that aim”.


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