A Practical Guide to the Law Relating to Food

foodlawfront-200x300A Practical Guide to The Law Relating to Food’ by Ian Thomas provides something for everyone, from food business owners seeking a general overview of key compliance issues, to food professionals wanting a quick refresher on specific topics, to students wanting to see how the theory plays out in the real world and, possibly, to others, with no more than a passing interest in how food law affects them.

These days it is easy to find what the law says but perhaps harder to find an explanation of what it means in practice; this book helps to provide that explanation.

The primary aim of everyone involved in the legislation, regulation, enforcement, application and interpretation of food law is to protect consumers. The book is therefore not written from the perspective of the regulator or the business operator; it approaches the subject from a neutral standpoint providing guidance on legal compliance and enforcement and, where possible, how to achieve best practice.

Subjects covered in the book include; general principles of food law, food safety and hygiene, food information and labelling, nutrition and health claims, traceability, withdrawal and recalls, enforcement and prosecutions. There is also a chapter on the approach to sentencing in food law cases in England and Wales having regard to the Definitive Sentencing Guideline.

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