Jersey Dairy

Jersey Dairy is a  farmer-owned cooperative in Jersey that can boast all the traditions of good  animal care and high quality milk that make Jersey dairy products famous.

Jersey people are rightly proud of their pedigree cows and the products made  from her milk and cream and we are keen so ensure that consumers can be certain  that if a product claims to be Jersey that is comes from Jersey. In fact we can  say with confidence that all Jersey’s range of dairy products is made from only  pure Jersey Milk, from Jersey Cows in Jersey. Not only that but we are the home  of the world famous Jersey breed. From this queen of dairy cows we make Jersey Cream, rich, luxurious Jersey Yogurts and Ice Creams, Jersey Butter with a  beautiful golden hue and Jersey Crème Fraîche.

Janet Wyatt
Head of Quality

Jersey Dairy
La Route de la Trinite

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