kersiaWe are what we eat. Consumers worry about the health of the planet and accept no compromise on food safety. In an increasingly globalized economy with products and ingredients traded across the world, the production, processing and transportation of food require critical attention. Consumers demand greater transparency. New farming techniques emerge, technologies evolve, regulations tighten, compliance does not tolerate compromise. As healthy food also needs a healthy world, food safety is an increasingly complex challenge that requires a holistic approach. But it also offers huge market opportunities. Kersia was founded to take on this challenge at every stage of the food supply chain from farm to fork, be a pioneer and market leader in this field. Pooling the strengths of several international suppliers of solutions and services in farming and agri-food processing in over 90 countries (Hypred, LCB, Antigerm, Medentech, G3…), Kersia will pursue the opportunities offered by this growing market. As a pure player recognized for its technical excellence and foresight approach, Kersia is dedicated to paving a new path to a food safe world.