NSF International

NSF BLUE MARK - NO TEXTNSF International is the leading global supplier of assurance and certification* to the food industry, offering a comprehensive portfolio of services that enable companies to comply with legislative requirements and consumer demands for food safety.

In the UK NSF is the market leader in the provision of safety audit services to retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. Audits include fire safety, health and safety, trading standards, food safety and hygiene services. Bespoke audit systems are also available, designed to integrate with clients’ policies, systems and management culture.

NSF International is committed to protecting and improving human health around the globe by providing services that give consumers confidence that what they eat and drink meets or exceeds globally accepted standards of health, safety and provenance.

Website: www.nsf.org

*NSF Certification UK Ltd. is operated as an independent legal entity within NSF International. The company operates all the required safeguards to ensure that no commercial, financial or other pressures are able to compromise the impartiality of its certification activities, especially with reference to advisory or consultancy work conducted by NSF International or a related company.