Reading Scientific Services Limited (RSSL)

RSSL smallReading Scientific Services Limited (RSSL) is firmly established as a trusted partner in the provision of product development, analytical, consultancy and training services to clients in the food, consumer goods, pharmaceutical,
biopharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Our food consultants have a wide range of technical skills, knowledge and expertise. Examples of areas of expertise include:

  • Expert advice to support claims, including expert witness representation
  • Support in dealing with potential insurance related incidents
  • Investigative consultancy after a product contamination, supporting you with root cause analysis to identify the immediate problem and work with you to develop corrective actions (physical – foreign bodies, chemical – allergens, taints, metals, biological hazards – naturally occurring toxins).
  • Understanding and optimising your product’s structure and physical properties
  • Incorporating functional ingredients into your products and optimising shelf life
  • Functional food claim substantiation, due diligence and labelling
  • Product and ingredient development, optimising formulations and troubleshooting product issues
  • Quality improvement programmes encompassing both your suppliers and manufacturing facilities and quality systems such as HACCP
  • Product authenticity, including speciation testing (meat, fish, milk), high value commodities such as coffee and culinary oils
  • Risk assessment and risk mitigation
  • HACCP health check, providing expert evaluation of current food safety management systems

If you have a food, drink or consumer goods related project where you are unsure what the solution could be, please contact us, we will work with you to find a solution.

Tel: +44 (0)118 918 4076

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