Food Nutrition & Healthy Eating

A comprehensive learning resource for those working with food

Duration: 3-5 hours

This course follows the Level 2 standard in Healthier Foods and Special Diets and is ideal for those who wish to develop their understanding of the principles of healthy eating and the role of diet and exercise in maintaining good health.

Suitable for staff working in care homes, schools, hospitals, prisons or others interested in diet and health.

Key Features

  • Nationally recognized certificate awarded on successful completion
  • Suitable for staff working towards NVQ’s
  • Complete training in the workplace
  • Modular learning to fit in with shifts
  • Built-in Learning Management System
  • Broadband version (offline coming soon)
  • Ideal for any food handlers interested in food
Areas Covered

  • The link between diet and health
  • How the human body uses nutrients
  • How social, cultural, ethical, economical, political, geographical and religious beliefs are linked to diet
  • Making healthy choices
  • Special dietary requirements
  • Food Labelling
  • Reducing salt, sugar and fat in the diet
  • 5 a day and the eatwell plate initiative

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How to order

1 – 9 licenses £35.00 + VAT (members), £38.00 + VAT (non-members)
10 – 24 licenses £27.00 + VAT (members), £35.00 + VAT (non-members)

25 – 50 licenses £25.00 + VAT (members), £30.00 + VAT (non-members) 

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