HACCP Awareness Course

A new food regulation had been enforced since January 2006, requiring that all food handlers work to a HACCP plan. Everyone in the food industry needs to understand the basics of HACCP to enable time to carry out their work based routines in accordance with HACCP principles.

The course offers all the online HACCP training you will need to be able work in line with the new laws and is suitable for those engaged in all areas of food production.

The online course takes approximately 45 minutes.

The course has two lessons:

  1. HACCP – Identifying Food Hazards
  2. HACCP – Controlling Food Hazards

Upon successful completion of the course a Certificate of Completion is generated and can be printed.

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How to order

1 license £21.00 + VAT (members), £26.25 + VAT (non-members)

Contact the office on +44 (0)1827 872500 or email suwerran@sofht.co.uk