Control & Verification of Packaging and Coding –

1 Day Events, SOFHT Training Academy
22 Jun

Customers have an expectation that the labels and packaging are true, honest and transparent. They must represent the product and not mislead or deceive customers. It is key that all food company are controlling and verifying the labeling information on their food packaging. As part of a company’s due diligence it should ensure that all information on its product. This course does not look at how to generate the legally required information, but how to control and verify the packaging and in-house coding systems to ensure the correct information has been included in the packaging at all stages.

Aim/objective of the course(s):

Provide a background and overview to packaging and coding control and verification. Identify the different steps at which control and verification are required including: Artwork generation; Packaging receipt; Label generation; Coding application; Product development; Product shelf life; Promotions

Provide logical steps to controls and verify at each stage

Who should attend?

This is suitable for technical directors or managers, consultants, quality managers, NPD managers, food technologists, regulatory compliance officers and
specification technologists.

Course content:

This course is will provide a background and overview to packaging and coding control and verification. It will also look at the food industry and the stages to creating the finished packaged and labelled product and will identify the areas where control are required. This will include:

Artwork generation, Packaging receipt, Label generation, Coding application, Product development, Product shelf life, Promotions

The course will provide logical steps to controls and verify at each stage.

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