Food Defence – Defending Food Businesses from Intentional Contamination and Fraud?

1 Day Events, SOFHT Breakfast Club
22 Oct

Defending our food and drink supply chains has received an increased focus over the past year. The horsemeat contamination issues of 2013 have highlighted the risk of intentional fraudulent contamination. This is in addition to potential malicious contamination. This relies on a number of controls including supplier management, as well as factory based controls, such as physical measures and understanding the people we allow access to within our facilities.

Intentional contamination requires human intervention. Food Defence is about people. Manage the people. Know who they are!

To improve and spot weaknesses we want to turn you into a disgruntled employee, a supplier looking to save money, an ideologically motivated individual or terrorist for the morning! We will address key question relating to vulnerability and the implementation of policies to defend food and drink and how these plans sit along side HACCP.

We want our delegates to change their mind-set and consider what specific acts they could initiate at their facility or product. Delegates will look at their own, different manufacturing operations and what they have just eaten for breakfast and ask themselves if they could they infiltrate such operations unchallenged or how easily they could alter a raw material undetected.

With regard to malicious contamination, consideration will be given as to what they would try and contaminate with and why and whether the product would be physically changed by doing so. How much contaminant would they need to achieve multiple cases of illness and deaths. How would they get it into the factory, where in production would they introduce a contaminant, could they do it unseen? To consider your on-site security would the product then get to a retail environment without discovery and could the individual get away with it?

 Later this year the updated version of PAS96 will be published. Tony has been on the review panel of PAS2014.

 As with all the SOFHT Breakfast Clubs this is an informal ½ day programme to focus on this particular area that is critical to food companies. Each delegate has the opportunity to ask questions specifically relating to their issue, situation or query.

Places are limited to 25 delegates to ensure that this remains an intimate and informative ½ day programme for all.

£35 + VAT (Members), £70 + VAT (Non-members),
£15 + VAT (Students) per delegate

9.00 am – 12.30 pm

SOFHT Training Room, The Granary, Middleton House Farm, Tamworth Road, Middleton, Staffs, B78 2BD

Continental Breakfast Buffet and certificate of attendance are included in the price.

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