HACCP Pre-Requisites Training Course

1 Day Events, SOFHT Training Academy
13 Feb

Pre-requisite programmes are the building blocks on which HACCP plans are developed. They are important in controlling cross-contamination after food has been treated to ensure no harmful bacteria have survived.

The need for good hygiene standards and procedures has always been important for an effective HACCP program, these procedures are known by a variety of names. For example, Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) and Good Manufacturing Programme (GMP). Most food business have had these types of programme in place for many years, they constituted an essential tool in traditional food control.

These concepts are still essential in a modern food control system by providing the basic environmental and operating conditions for production of safe food. This course will introduce the delegate to the new concept of formalising the pre-requisite programme alongside HACCP, and the legal requirement of documented monitoring of these programmes.

Who should attend?
The course is aimed at anyone who takes part in their company’s HACCP and pre-requisite planning, implementation and monitoring programme. The course is also useful for trainers who teach level 2, 3 and 4 food safety courses and internal auditors will also benefit from attending the course. There is no examination on completing this 1 day course.

Course content:
The course is designed to complement our HACCP course and can be attended as a standalone course and before or following attendance of HACCP training.

Summary details of course content

Session 1 – Developing a robust documentation and record keeping program
The session looks at how prerequisite programs and HACCP plans can be effectively documented and recorded.

Session 2 – Developing a Premises Program
This session explains the importance of developing an effective premises program. It describes the various aspects of a premises program and how to develop the program and associated records. The module considers sanitary facility design, environs, interior environment, waste disposal, water, ice and steam. The module also considers preventative maintenance.

Session 3 – Developing a Transportation and Storage Program
This session looks at how to effectively transport, handle and store ingredients, packaging materials, chemicals and finish products. You will learn how to receive goods, inspect carriers, and properly transport and store goods that require refrigeration or freezing. You will also be introduced into how to develop a chemical control program.

Session 4 – Developing a Personnel Training Program
Personnel training, personal hygiene, and food handling practices are very important contributors to food safety. This session covers all aspects of personnel training including technical training and the need for on-going training.

Session 5 – Development of a Recall Plan
This session teaches you how to develop an effective recall program and customer complaint system. It will cover important topics such as traceability, communication, and mock recalls.

£145 + VAT (Members), £195 + VAT (Non-members) per delegate

9.30 am – 4.30 pm (Registration 9.00 am)

SOFHT Training Centre, The Granary, Middleton House Farm, Tamworth Road, Middleton, Staffs, B78 2BD.
Lunch, refreshments and certificate of attendance are included in the price.

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