Legislation Update Forum

1 Day Events, SOFHT Training Academy
25 Apr

Keeping up-to-date with UK & EU legislation is paramount for those working in the food industry, whether you are a leading retailer, advisory consultant or Technical Manager. The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology recognises that staying in touch with rapidly changing requirements and maintaining an awareness of current legislation is critical.

To help our members stay alert to changes, the Society offer a legislation forum with industry leading experts to enable them to work through the minefield of information, offering solutions and guiding them to compliance. Each forum will be held at the SOFHT Training Room as a morning session.

This is a free benefit for all our members
 and we welcome your attendance. Help us lead the industry to compliance and consumer confidence.

This forum will discuss ‘Managing Complaints’ led by Will Smith from NSF International

All businesses will inevitably receive complaints from their customers as a matter of course, however not all businesses necessarily react to complaints effectively. Consumer expectations are rising and bad experiences can be shared and publicised within moments via mobile devices and social media platforms providing businesses with effective complaints management practices a competitive advantage within their marketplaces.

In this session we will look at:

  • Origins and sources of consumer complaints in 2018
  • How complaints management practices impact businesses
  • Best practice for managing complaints
  • Using complaints data

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