Pest Control – Is it bugging you?

1 Day Events
28 Jan

Date: 28th January 2016
Venue: The Bristol Golf Club, St Swithins Park  Park, BS10 7TP

With the third party auditing standards changing with retailers and BRC since the beginning of 2015 and increasing pressure being placed on sites to pass announced and unannounced, audits can you afford not to be in attendance at this conference which will provide delegates with up to-date information about what is going on in the industry and how you can prepare for changing standards and meet customer expectations.

6 Key speakers from within industry who will be presenting on a wide scope of subjects

PROFESSOR MORAY ANDERSON OF KILLGERM provides an interesting account of why such flies should be on the agenda for businesses. Small flies (such as filter and fruit flies) can often be underrated by pest control contractors and food manufacturers… their presence may be adversely affecting your bacterial counts/How are they best controlled? Why do some food manufacturers continue to have sporadic pest issues?

BRIAN DUFFIN, ROKILL CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER, discusses why so many sites experience repeat infestations, whilst managing to satisfy third party auditing standards? What more can be done to determine root cause of the problem? What are your responsibilities and what are your pest control contractor’s?

DERYCK TREMBLE, SENIOR DIRECTOR, CLIENT DEVELOPMENT FOR AIB INTERNATIONAL in Europe, Asia, Africa and Pacific Regions will speak about how AIB auditors look at the important role of pest control within the whole Food Safety system and the relevant IPM programmes. He will also talk about the AIB Consolidated Standard, in preparation for the planned revision that will take place in 2017.

JONATHAN REVELL WHITE WELLY LTD will lead the presentation on auditors, manufacturers, pest controllers and Issue 07. With the changing requirements of the Global Standard for Food Safety and to pest management operations over the coming year there is the need to demonstrate an ongoing effective preventative pest control programme. This will affect a number of companies, both in regard to the requirements of the Standard specifically relating to pest control and to their responsibilities for minimising presence of pests and risk of contamination of raw materials, products and packaging. The importance of maintaining that close relationship between food manufacturers and pest controllers and demonstrating it to the BRC auditor is key.

PETER MATHER – RETAIL & SUPPLY CHAIN FOOD SAFETY MANAGER, SAINSBURY’S SUPERMARKETS LTD will discuss pest control from a Retailer perspective, what the expectations of suppliers are and how regulations and codes of practice will determine the levels of compliance required.

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