Rodents and Rodent Control; Getting the Risks in Proportion Conference & Exhibition

1 Day Events
06 Mar

Recent years have seen a dramatic loss in rodenticide products, and the imposition of increasing regulatory restrictions on the way in which the products remaining may be used. In addition, client-imposed restrictions, in the form of the many food industry standards and codes of practice, further limit the toxic and non-toxic options available to pest controllers for monitoring and controlling rodents.

In this seminar we will review the current situation, and examine whether the pendulum has swung too far in terms of regarding the risks of controlling rodents as being greater than those posed by the rodents themselves.

 Programme for the day:

09.30 – 09.35: SOFHT Introduction
  Morning Sessions:
09.35 – 10.00: Rodent activity in the food industry; how widespread and important is it? Dr John Simmons – Acheta
10.00 – 10:50: Rodenticides; what we’ve lost, what we have left, and how best to use them. Adrian Meyer – Acheta
11.15 – 11.55: Rodenticides; the impact of recent and future rodenticide label changes. Dr Alan Buckle – Alan Buckle Consulting
11.55 – 12.30: The practicalities, legalities and ethics of trapping rodents. Paul Butt – Natural England
12.30 – 13.45: LUNCH AND EXHIBITION  including a live hawk flying demonstration showing the use of hawks in pest control
  Afternoon Sessions:
13.45 – 14.45: Balancing the risks of rodents and their control; has the food industry got it right? Ian Abbotts – Ian Abbotts Consulting Ltd. Rory Hope – Check Services Ltd
14.45 – 15.45: Open discussion forum with a panel comprising the speakers, plus representatives from the food and auditing sectors
15.45 – 16.15: ROUNDUP AND CLOSE


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The Society would like to offer all its MEMBERS a 50% discount to attend the SOFHT Mock Trial  on 23 June 2014 at Sheffield Town Hall. This offer is only applicable when booking a place at the SOFHT ‘Rodents & Rodent Control’ Conference & Exhibition on 6 March.

Exhibitor space available – please contact Phil Shaw: 07818 571261


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