Sensory Evaluation *Online Session*

1 Day SOFHT Training Academy
25 Nov

This course will deliver an introduction to the principles of sensory analysis, and will screen delegates for their ability to taste against BS7667 Part 1: ISO 8586. This is a highly experiential, interactive and enjoyable course.

Who should attend?

Technical, production or NPD professionals who would like an introduction to sensory analysis; taste panel members who require screening for their ability to taste and an insight into the basic principles of sensory analysis; businesses wishing to implement a more formal approach to sensory analysis by developing a taste panel team and procedures; and anyone who would like a refresher or insight into this fascinating subject – whether from a production, technical or development background.

Course content:

What sensory analysis is; what senses are involved; what the purpose of sensory evaluation is; how it can be used in food production; the sense of vision and its role in sensory evaluation; how we taste with our eyes; taste – what the primary taste sensations are and what taste is; how taste varies from person to person; screening for ability to taste; aroma and taste – mechanisms and words used to describe aroma; developing an aroma and taste vocabulary; feel and texture – how food behaves in the mouth; and for the last part of the course you will be introduced to some simple taste panel tests.

Cost: Member – £236, Non-Member – £316, Students – £100, all plus VAT.
Platform: Microsoft Teams
Time: 10:00am to 3:00pm

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