Sensory Evaluation
*Classroom Session*

1 Day Events, SOFHT Training Academy
24 Nov


This highly interactive course will deliver an introduction to the principles of sensory analysis and will screen delegates for their ability to taste against BS7667 Part 1: ISO 8586.

Who should attend?

Technical, Production or NPD professionals who would like an introduction to sensory analysis; taste panel members who require screening for their ability to taste and an insight into the basic principles of sensory analysis; businesses wishing to implement a more formal approach to sensory analysis by developing a taste panel team and procedures; and anyone who would like a refresher or insight into this fascinating subject – whether from a production, technical or development background.

Course Content:

The course will provide information on: 

  • What sensory analysis is
  • What senses are involved
  • What the purpose of sensory evaluation is
  • How it can be used in food production
  • The sense of vision and its role in sensory evaluation
  • How we taste with our eyes
  • What the primary taste sensations are and what taste is
  • How taste varies from person to person
  • Screening for ability to taste
  • Aroma and taste – mechanisms and words used to describe aroma
  • Developing an aroma and taste vocabulary
  • Feel and texture – how food behaves in the mouth

Delegates will also be introduced to some simple taste panel tests.

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Prices: £348 (Non-Members), £260 (Members), £85 (Students), all plus VAT.

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