SOFHT Elevenses

1 Day SOFHT Elevenses
24 Jun


Dear Member

SOFHT would like to invite you to to our new monthly Elevenses discussion group.

Through the success of the recent SOFHT Focus Live! events, held throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been looking at ways to enhance our service to members. Having listened to member feedback there was interest in SOFHT facilitating a forum which promotes discussion around topical issues. So SOFHT have created ‘Elevenses’ which is an informal session that we intend to hold monthly. This will be a free-flowing discussion forum on industry related topics of your choice. We will have our usual panel of experts at hand to help answer your questions and you will be encouraged to chat with other members who may also be able to share their experiences.

We’re keen to receive suggested topics from you for discussion.

We look forward to seeing you at the launch and please remember to bring your Tea and Coffee.

Please follow the link below so that we can register you for this free event.

Any SOFHT members wishing to join the webchat please contact the SOFHT office for access information.