SOFHT Focus Live! Covid-19 Ongoing Management & Control Health Surveillance, Medical Screening & Quarantine Requirements

1 Day Events
17 Jun

Wednesday 17th June at 12 noon

Ask the panel for advice on the following challenges arising from COVID-19, hear how others are resolving their issues, and share best practice on the following:

Join SOFHT for a live web chat on the issues we are facing across different sectors of the industry.

Health Surveillance, Medical Screening and Quarantine Requirements

To share experiences, plans and best practice. Discussion of the methods to screen for COVID-19. An overview of the epidemiology of the disease. Review of the methods to screen, and which symptom may be detectable for those entering a facility or restaurant environment. Including Thermal Imaging and IR Probes. Consideration of the implication of the Quarantine requirements for those returning from overseas travel to the workplace. Overview of Practical experience in different food settings; retail, food service and manufacturing.

There will be an opportunity for members and non-members (non-members at SOFHT discretion) to discuss current issues with the SOFHT panel.

We are always here to support our members and the wider industry and we are aware of the pressure on the food supply chain. We want to be able to support you by helping you respond to the issues that are live right now. A number of these issues continue to be of concern following feedback from our members. If there are other issues related to COVID-19 which are important to you, please advise the SOFHT Office and we will endeavour to address on the next web chat.

Anyone wishing to join the Panel to contact the SOFHT office and also for access information.