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‘Crisis Management – How prepared are you?

1 Day Events, SOFHT Members' Forum
05 May

‘Crisis Management – How prepared are you? When was your crisis management plan truly tested and with the team involved?

- Led by Jackie Healing, Director, Consulting and Technical Services & Claire Goring, Supply Chain & Technical Consulting ManagerNSF International

It is often said that companies have tested their recall plan however in practice this is often a basic traceability exercise. Real life recalls can be used as a test, but these may not actually challenge all of the aspects within the wider crisis management plan that can be critical if a situation escalates. Crisis management should involve cross functional working and the process should be well understood, more than a policy referenced in an audit.

Join us for a discussion around managing a crisis in the food industry. We’ll discuss some of key components to a successful plan, the challenges we see when a plan is really tested, and provide some top tips to help you focus on all aspects of crisis – not just the recall!

Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Platform: Microsoft Teams

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