SOFHT Member’s Forum: World of Food Safety Post Covid-19 *Online Session*

1 Day Events, SOFHT Members' Forum
06 Oct

*FREE to SOFHT Members*

World of Food Safety Post Covid-19 

The restrictions brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic have disrupted the world of food safety. Now that restrictions are starting to ease, what does food safety look like in your business? What lessons have you learnt? What will you do different now?

Come and join us for an engaging discussion about the world of food safety post Covid-19.

Led by:

Jackie Healing, Director - Consulting and Technical Services
Will Smith, Client Director – Retail Services
Rui Sousa, Manager - Technical Support and Training Food NSF International

Keeping up-to-date with selected news, views and solutions on the latest food industry trends and hot topics is paramount for those working in the food industry, whether you are a leading retailer, advisory consultant or technical manager. The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology recognises that staying in touch with rapidly changing requirements and maintaining an awareness of current issues and legislation is critical.

To help our members stay alert to changes and trends, the Society holds regular forums with industry leading experts to guide them through the minefield of information, offering solutions and guidance to compliance. Each forum will be held online via Microsoft Teams.

This is a free benefit for all our members and we welcome your attendance. Help us lead the industry to compliance and consumer confidence.

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