Traceability Systems
*Online Session*

1 Day Events, SOFHT Training Academy
13 Sep


In an ever-changing world where consumers expect and demand that they and the company providing the food knows where it has come from, traceability is of paramount importance. The view that one step forward and one step back traceability is sufficient is dated. It is crucial to be able to conduct mass balance traceability and fully understand the requirements of the system. Do you know at a touch of a button just where every raw material or product including packaging came from and when?

This one-day course will provide the background and overview for the EU legal requirements for traceability. It will also look at the range of systems and methods to manage traceability in the industry and define the scope of an effective traceability system for all elements of the supply chain. The course will also look at mass balance traceability and the requirements of the system as well as testing and challenging of all processes. In addition, the course will look at product recall processes and the link with traceability.

Who should attend?

This is suitable for Technical Directors or Managers, Consultants, Quality Managers, NPD Managers, Food Technologists, Regulatory Compliance Officers and Specification Technologists.

Course Content:

The course will provide information on:

  • UK/EU legal requirements for traceability
  • Traceability requirements
  • National/ International Standards
  • The scope of an effective traceability system
  • An overview of the types of traceability systems available
  • Logical steps to deliver an effective traceability system
  • Defining the requirements of mass balance traceability
  • Ensuring procurement of effective and relevant supplier information
  • Establishing traceability and recall tests
  • Defining effective recall systems in the event of an incident

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Prices: £232 (Non-Members), £166 (Members), £60 (Students), all plus VAT.

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