What is Fat?

1 Day Events, SOFHT Breakfast Club
22 Jul

An opportunity to hear from an industry expert on a very topical subject.

The presentation talks through the differing definitions of fat from a food labelling perspective and details the differing ways of identifying and quantifying fat in food.

Specific details of the core methods for total fat are discussed to give a greater understanding of how the value is derived and help to remove some of the laboratory jargon such as “reference method”, “primary method” and “secondary method”.

Method uncertainty for the differing methods will also be discussed as greater emphasis will be placed on this with the new EU guidelines for tolerances.

The second presentation focuses on the use of NMR for the analysis of fat; with all the major contract laboratories now using NMR for routine analysis of fat, it is increasingly likely that the label on the shelf contains a fat value derived by NMR, yet very few people outside of chemistry labs really understand what it means.

Here we will look to explain how NMR works in lay terms, explain why it has become such a widespread method and describe the potential pitfalls.

This subject area is new for the Breakfast Club programme and will provide delegates with a real insight from a different perspective. A great opportunity see an expert in this field and to ask them questions first hand.

£145 + VAT (Members), £195 + VAT (Non-members), £50 + VAT (Students) per delegate

9.30 am – 4.30 pm (Registration 9.00 am)

SOFHT Training Centre, The Granary, Middleton House Farm, Tamworth Road, Middleton, Staffs, B78 2BD.

Lunch, refreshments and certificate of attendance are included in the price.

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