PCE Instruments UK

PCE-inst. Logo2015PCE Instruments UK Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of test devices, control systems, laboratory equipment and scales and balances based in Southampton, HQ in Germany.

The wide product range includes but is not limited to ATP testers, food temperature meters, some made of food-safe steel AISI316L, either contact or non-contact, different food moisture meters, some even in-line (for use in food production during mass flow), pH meters, particle counters and climate meters to ensure a healthy environment for food production, air samplers, gas analysers for use in food packaging, viscometers, refractometers and other food / hygiene testers. Some of these products are data loggers

PCE Instruments UK Ltd
Units 11 Southpoint Business Park
Ensign Way, Southampton
United Kingdom, SO31 4RF
Phone   +44 ( 0 ) 2380 98703 0
Fax         +44 ( 0 ) 2380 98703 9
Email     info@industrial-needs.com