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Best New Product / ServiceASR Group , Tate & Tyle Sugars

Sponsored by Tate & Lyle

This broad category covers any aspect of food, service or equipment, and is designed to enable any company in the food industry, or supplying/servicing the food industry, to participate. The Society wishes to receive nominations for a product, service or item of equipment that has delivered an innovative product, and/ or approach, and/or system to the industry. The product should be identifiably different to any existing product in its category or area of activity, providing a new experience and/or additional benefits to existing and/or new customers. The product must be readily available in the market and have proven performance with endorsements from at least two food industry customers.

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Best Company3M Food Safety

Sponsored by 3M

This category is for companies that have markedly and consistently produced an outstanding performance in their area/sector over the year, and demonstrated one or more of the following: A marked, measurable and consistent improvement in standards over the year. Successfully launched the most exciting and/or novel range of new products or service (food, service equipment etc). Successfully launched the most exciting and/or novel range of packaging.

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Best Trainerhillbrush

Sponsored by Hillbrush

This category is designed to find a person who is currently active in the food industry, and who is providing an exceptional auditing/ technical service and expertise. The Society wishes to receive nominations for persons who provide their service and expertise in a manner that is over and above the expected standard or contracted service levels.

NOTE: A 5 minute YouTube video clip to be provided demonstrating an example of the training being undertaken. 

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Best Training CompanyRokill Pest Control Services

Sponsored by Rokill

This category is for recognition of companies who provide a training service to the food industry, whether or not this is providing formal qualifications or to recognised and established standards. Nominated companies should:

  • Provide a consistently high calibre of training; and/or
  • Introduce a novel training system or approach for training.

The award will be awarded to a company considered to be performing over and above the established levels, and is demonstrably improving training provisions for the food industry.

NOTE: A 5 minute YouTube video clip to be provided demonstrating an example of the training being undertaken.

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Best Auditoriss

Sponsored by ISS Facility Management

The increase in auditing to confirm the standards of Food Manufacturers has provided Assurances of the operating standards within the Food Supply chain.

This category will recognise an auditor, who has demonstrated continued excellence in their field of operation, in terms of knowledge, objectivity and pragmatism in their audit skills whilst ensuring ongoing conformance with recognised audit standard (s).

The category is open to auditors from any discipline.

NOTE: Please provide details of the number of sites audited and against which standards.

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Best Food Technologistashbury-labelling-logo

Sponsored by Ashbury Labelling

The Society recognises that the food industry is supported by exceptional people in a range of roles who work to provide safe food, produced in hygienic conditions. These may include, Technical Managers, Quality Managers, NPD, Hygiene Operatives, Company Microbiologists, Packaging Technologists and Consultants,  This category is to recognise those people for an outstanding or significant contribution in their particular field of work.

The Society wishes to receive nominations for persons who have used their skills to improve, protect or develop safer clean food products in any part of the food supply chain.

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The Dorothy Cullinane AwardSOFHT

This special award, presented exclusively by SOFHT Council, is for a company or person that has made an outstanding contribution to the food industry, with particular emphasis on food safety and/or food hygiene and/or food technology

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Closing date for Nominations Friday 23rd August 2019

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