Supporting Company Members

2003 saw the start of a major drive to enlist the support of the larger organisations within the food manufacturing, retailing and related industries to help the Society maximise the services it provides to members and to enhance its representation as the “voice of food hygiene”. Known as supporting company members, their help and knowledge in their own specific areas of expertise are helping the Society to achieve its goals.


ASR Group Tate & Lyle Sugars







IPL Procurement & Logistics





Our Supporting Company Members

The food retail sector is represented by Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, Tate & Lyle Sugars, Morrisons, Panesar Foods, Samworth Brothers, Greggs and IPL. Supporting the Society from the service sector are Sealed Air, Rokill, Biomaster, NSF International, ISS Facility Services, Needlers, Teams Solutions, Berendsen, Authenticate, Deb, Eurofins, Kiwa, Pal and SAI Global.  Senior representatives from each of these organisations attend meetings every six months. They recognise the key role they have in the development of the Society.  Asda and Waitrose have already hosted major one-day seminars at their head offices as part of their commitment to the Society.  The role the Society does, and can play, in helping the development in food safety management across the industry has been acknowledged by these companies.

Alan Lacey, Technical Liaison Manager at ASDA has said: “We have always seen SOFHT as a major force in improving food safety standards. Becoming a stakeholder not only enables us to help the Society to expand its role, but also provides us with a valuable forum to exchange ideas.”

The support of these companies has enabled the Society to run more events, with additional office support both in equipment and personnel; it has run a high-profile publicity campaign; and added to its training portfolio. The focus will be to continually expand the membership base.